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The Hague, KB, 76 E 5

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Die Dietsche Doctrinale. Beatrijs. Dit es vanden aflaten van Rome. Jacob van Maerlant, Die heimelicheit der heimelicheden

Place of origin, date:

Brabant; c. 1374


Vellum, ff. 80, 257x190 (185x155) mm, 37 lines, littera textualis, Binding: 20th-century brown leather (199#) made by L. Gimbrère (18th-century vellum binding; gilt; still present)


6 historiated initials (23/86x30/80 mm) with border decoration; 1 illustration in the margin; decorated initials (ff. 54v, 55r, 55v); penwork initials with pen-flourishes (ff. 8r, 8v, 12v, etc)


Nicholas Heinsius (sold in 1682). Pieter van Damme (sold in 1764). C. van Buuren (sold in 1779). Puchased in 1784 by Jacob Visser (1724-1804) of The Hague; purchased in 1809 as no. 169 of the Visser collection


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