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The Hague, KB, 75 E 9

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Gospel Book

Place of origin, date:

Utrecht, Monastery Vredendaal, Canons Regular, Ghijsbert Beynop (scribe); 1472


Vellum, ff. 128, 277x207 (180x130) mm, 32 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 18th-century brown leather; gilt; by the `Hague medallion bindery'


1 coloured unframed drawing (240x190 mm); penwork initials with border decoration (ff. 35r, 42r, 58r, 95r); penwork initials with pen-flourishes (ff. 2r, 5r, 8v, etc.)


Made for Albert Beynop, brother of Ghysbert; later owned by Lambert Beynop `woennende in lewestien'. Bertam Hitfield, his sale in 1724 in Culemborg (cat. ms. no. B). Sold in 1731 at S. Schouten, Amsterdam (cat. 24 January, Folio no. 34). B. Huydecoper (d. 1778), hissale in 1779 at P. Schouten, Amsterdam (cat. 29 March, p. 113 no. 4 in fol.); where purchased by J.A. Clignett (d. 1827), his sale in 1828 at B. Scheurleer, The Hague (cat. 28 April, p. 1 no. 11 in fol.); where purchased by N. Carbasius (d. 1834), his sale in 1835 at B. Scheurleer,The Hague (cat. 13 April, p. 1 no. 6 in fol.); where purchased by B. Scheurleer. P.G.J. Hoog van ter Aar, his sale in 1863 at J. van Baalen & Zn, Rotterdam (cat. 30 November, p. 3 no. 26); where purchased by A. Bogaers (d. 1870); presented in 1870 by his daughter together with thecollection Bogaers


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