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The Hague, RMMW, 10 C 16

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Guy of Chauliac, La grande chirurgie

Place of origin, date:

France, Gu‚pin (scribe); c. 1450


Paper, ff. 379, 303x215 (205x140) mm, 35 lines, littera cursiva, Binding: Dutch 18th-century half leather by Gaillard (1799)


6 miniatures (80/100 x 80 mm)


Jesuits of the Collège Louis-le-Grand (Collège de Clermont), Paris (17th century); purchased in 1764 as part of this collection (cat. of 1764, no. 837) by Gerard Meerman (1722-1771) of Rotterdam, later The Hague; sold in 1770 by Meerman in the sale of P. and A. de laCourt at N. van Daalen, The Hague (cat. 19 Febr., MSS no. 344). Abraham Martins (d. 1798) of The Hague; purchased in 1798 at his sale at Van Cleef, Scheurleer & Detune, The Hague (cat. 26 Nov., no. fol. 964) by Willem H.J. van Westreenen van Tiellandt (1783-1848) of The Hague; bylegacy to the kingdom of The Netherlands in 1848


1 full-page miniature missing before f. 1 (frontispiece), miniatures missing before f. 17 (Trait‚ I) and f. 224 (Trait‚ VI). Miniature removed from f. 320r (Trait‚ VII) and mounted on f. 16


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