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The Hague, KB, 76 G 3

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Book of Hours (use of Rome)

Place of origin, date:

Western France; c. 1390-1400


Vellum, ff. 329, 209x150 (105x70) mm, 14 lines, littera textualis, Binding: 18th-century brown leather; gilt


5 miniatures (85x70 mm); 8 historiated initials (40/27x60/35 mm); decorated initials with border decoration (ff. 27v, 29v, 31v, 33v, 35r, etc.)


Joseph Désiré Lupus (d. 1822) of Brussels; purchased with his collection in 1819 by King William I of The Netherlands; kept from 1819-1822 at the Musée Lupus in the Palace of Charles de Lorraine at Brussels (no. A 18) and transferred in 1823 to the KB


calendar: full, all feasts noted in black. Leaves with miniatures missing before ff. 26, 52, 68, 86, 101 (Hours of the Virgin: matins, lauds, prime, none, compline), before f. 107 (Hours of the Holy Spirit), f. 171 (Hours of St. Catherine), before ff. 174, 187, 195,200, 205, 209 (Hours of the Cross: Matins, Prime, Sext, Noon, Vesper, Compline), before f. 212 (Penitential Psalms) and f. 235 (Office of the Dead)


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