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The Hague, KB, 76 F 5

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Picture Bible (prefatory cycle preceding a Psalter?).
Added texts: Prayers, in Latin.
Enseignement, in French (ff. 21-33).
Huon de Saint-Quentin, Complainte de Jérusalem contre la Cour de Rome (ff. 45v, 1v)

Place of origin, date:

Miniatures: St. Omer, Benedictine Abbey of St. Bertin; c. 1190-1200. Added text: France, c. 1290-1300


Vellum, ff. 47, 255x165 mm; Added text: justification 218x131 mm, 38 lines, littera pregotica; littera textualis, Binding: 18th-century green velvet


45 full-page miniatures (c. 220x150 mm)


Joseph Désiré Lupus (d. 1822) of Brussels; purchased with his collection in 1819 by King William I of The Netherlands; kept from 1819-1822 at the Musée Lupus in the Palace of Charles de Lorraine at Brussels (no. A 3) and transferred in 1823 to the KB


several leaves with miniatures missing. As the text of the Complainte starts on f. 45v and continues on f. 1v, the miniature with the Map of Jerusalem was originally placed at the end of the book


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