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The Hague, KB, 76 F 2

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Book of Hours (`Hours of Philip of Burgundy'; use of Paris), containing in French: Poème sur les mois.
Prière du voyageur.
Prières de saint Anselme.
Prière du pêcheur.
Méditation de la Passion (in Latin).
Prières au saint Sacrement.
Prière en l'honneur des plaies de Jesus-Christ.
Prière indulgencie.
Obsecro te (in French).
O intemerata (in French) .
Protestation de foi.
Rubrique d'indulgence.
Méditation par saint Augustin

Place of origin, date:

Oudenaarde, Jean Miélot (scribe), Jean le Tavernier and follower (illuminators); c. 1450-1460. Added sections: Bruges, Master of the Prayer Books of c. 1500 (illuminator); c. 1500


Vellum, ff. 341 (XIII+327), 268x187 (165x110) mm, 20 lines, littera cursiva (lettre bourguignonne), Binding: 16th-century brown leather; blind made by Antoine de Gavere and Johannes Guillebert who are both of Bruges


26 grisaille miniatures (120/75x c. 108 mm); 100 grisaille miniatures (105/60x84/65 mm); penwork initials with pen-flourishes throughout
Added: 6 grisailles (110/100x c. 108 mm); 21 grisaille miniatures (80/65x75/65 mm; 12 grisaille roundels in the margin (45 mm; calendar); penwork initials with pen-flourishes throughout


Made for Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (d. 1467; portraits, emblems, motto's). Purchased at the sale of Mme. de Montfort, canonnes of the Chapter of St. Waudru at Mons by Georges-Joseph Gérard (1734-1814) of Brussels; purchased in 1818 by the Dutch Government withthe Gérard collection and placed in the Algemeen Rijksarchief (now: Nationaal Archief) at The Hague; transferred to the KB in 1832 (Gérard no. A 3)


added calendar: feasts in red include: St. Valentin (14 February), St. Eligius (25 June), St. Louis (25 August), St. Francis (4 October) and St. Denis (9 October)


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