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The Hague, KB, 76 F 14

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Book of Hours (use of Rome)

Place of origin, date:

Paris(?); c. 1490-1500


Vellum, ff. 218, 222x150 (125x81) mm, 24 lines, littera cursiva (lettre bourguignonne), Binding: 18th-century red velvet


13 full-page miniatures (miniature + margin; 215/190x145/120 mm); 4 full-page miniatures (miniature + margin including some lines of text; 222x150 mm); 35 miniatures (95/45x80/40 mm); 12 calendar miniatures (90x85 mm); 20 illustrations in the margin (6 coats of arms);decorated initials throughout


made for the unknown canon who is depicted on ff. 1r and 19r, and whose patron saints were St. Anthony Abbot and an unidentified deacon; acquired shortly after (and before 1501) by Christophe de Tournon Rousillon and Cathérine d'Amboise, dame de Chaumont (coats ofarms). Joseph Désiré Lupus (d. 1822) of Brussels; purchased with his collection in 1819 by King William I of The Netherlands; kept from 1819-1822 at the Musée Lupus in the Palace of Charles de Lorraine at Brussels (no. A 46) and transferred in 1823 to the KB


Paris calendar: feasts in red include St. Geneviève (3 January) and her Translation (in black, 26 November), St. Francis (4 October), and St. Marcellus, bishop of Paris (3 November). Leaves with miniatures missing before f. 42 (Hours of the Virgin: Sext) and f. 70(Hours of the Cross)


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