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The Hague, KB, 76 E 7

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Bible moralisée

Place of origin, date:

Bruges; c. 1455-1460


Vellum, ff. 259, 291x207 (197x138) mm, 37 lines, littera hybrida (lettre bourguignonne), Binding: 18th-/19th-century brown velvet


1 two-column miniature (153x143 mm); 44 column miniatures (65x60/55 mm); decorated initials with border decoration (ff. 1r, 7v, 15v, 25v, 32r, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes throughout
Added: illustrations in the margin (coat of arms, motto and emblem)


Antoine de Bourgogne, the Great Bastard (d. 1504, coat of arms, over erasure; emblem, motto; signature); by descent to his grandson Adolphe de Bourgogne (d. 1540; motto/signature). Joseph Désiré Lupus (d. 1822) of Brussels; purchased with his collection in 1819 by KingWilliam I of The Netherlands; kept from 1819-1822 at the Musée Lupus in the Palace of Charles de Lorraine at Brussels (no. A 44) and transferred in 1823 to the KB


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