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The Hague, KB, 74 G 10

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Ferial Psalter (use of Utrecht)

Place of origin, date:

Groningen, Monastery Selwerd, Benedictinesses; c. 1470-1490. Added miniature: Groningen(?); c. 1475-1500


Vellum, ff. 309, 115x80 (68x48) mm, 18 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: contemporary brown leather; blind


Decorated initials with border decoration in Groningen style (`Selwerd'; ff. 17r, 45r, 62v, 77v, 93r, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes in Groningen style (`Selwerd'; ff. 18v, 19r, 19v, 21v, 24r, etc.)
Added: 1 full-page miniature (86x62 mm) with border deocration (probably over woodcut mal)


Assuerus van Swieten (or: a Zibetey; 1596). J.I. Doedes (book-plate and signature); his sale in 1898 at Beijers in Utrecht (cat. 4-5 May, p. 123 no. l). Purchased in 1909 as part of the collection of bookbindings of Anton W.M. Mensing (1866-1936) of Amsterdam (no.4)


Utrecht calendar: besides the usual Utrecht entries feasts in red include St. Francis (October 4). Office of the Dead: Utrecht maiores and minores


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