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The Hague, KB, 71 G 53

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Prayer Book

Place of origin, date:

Malines (?); c. 1500-1510


Vellum, ff. 114, 156x110 (100x67) mm, 17 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 18th-century brown leather; gilt on spine


2 full-page miniatures (100x65 mm); 15 miniatures (40/36x44/38 mm); 3 historiated initials (35x40 mm) with border decoration; 1 historiated initial (f. 46r; 34x40 mm); 1 illustration in the margin; 1 decorated initial with border decoration (f. 62r); penwork initialswith pen-flourishes (ff. 80r, 82r, 83r, 84r, 85r, etc.)


Elysabeth, widow of Aert Staes; by descent to her granddaughter Johanna Kieldoncq (1601) and her husband R. Kieldoncq. Georges-Joseph Gérard (1734-1814) of Brussels; purchased in 1818 by the Dutch Government with the Gérard collection and placed in the AlgemeenRijksarchief (now: Nationaal Archief) at The Hague; transferred to the KB in 1832 (Gérard no. # 6)


Malines calendar: feasts in red include St. Rombout (1 July), St. Lambert (17 September) and St. Nichasius (14 December). 2 full-page miniatures missing before f. 49 (Sacraments prayers), f. 62 (Prayer to Mary) and possibly before f. 86 (Suffrages). An engraving ofChrist as the Good Shepherd mounted before fol. 47v (Ten Commandments)


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