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The Hague, KB, 71 E 68

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Valerius Maximus, Des faits et dits mémorables. Translation from the Latin by Simon de Hesdin and Nicholas de Gonesse

Place of origin, date:

France; c. 1400-1410


Vellum, ff. 477, 298x240 (220x170) mm, 40 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 15th-century white leather


10 column miniatures (100/49x69 mm); 10 decorated initials later historiated with coats of arms (20/27x30 mm); small decorated initials throughout


Member of the Berlaimont family (coat of arms in initials; 15th century). Georgius Vivens of Brussels (1628). Purchased at the sale of Mme de Montfort, canoness at the Chapter of St. Waudru at Mons by G.-J. Gérard (1734-1814) of Brussels; purchased in 1818 with theGéard collection by the Dutch Government and placed in the Algemeen Rijksarchief (now: Nationaal Archief) at The Hague; tranferred to the KB in 1832 (Gérard no. A 22)


all miniatures once cut out and glued in again afterwards by means of small paper strips


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