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The Hague, KB, 71 A 23

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Guiard des Moulins, Bible Historiale Complétée (Vol. I, incomplete)

Place of origin, date:

Paris, Fauvel Master, Master of BNF fr. 160 (illuminators); c. 1320-1340


Vellum, ff. 287, 433x320 (293x204) mm, 48 lines, littera textualis, Binding: 18th-century brown leather; gilt; with coat of arms of Stadholder William V


51 column miniatures (130/80x100/90 mm); 8 historiated initials (50/40x55/40 mm); 1 schematic drawing; decorated initials with border decoration (ff. 9r, 13r, 16r, 33r, 45r, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes throughout


Philip of Cleves (d. 1528; signature); purchased in 1531 from his estate by Henry III, Count of Nassau (d. 1538); by descent to the Princes of Orange-Nassau, the later Stadholders, at The Hague; carried off in 1795 to Paris by the French and restituted to theKoninklijke Bibliotheek in 1816


opening leaf missing before f. 1 (Table of contents); text of Ecclesiastes (possibly more) missing at the end


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