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The Hague, KB, 69 B 10

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History Bible (Psalter and New Testament)

Place of origin, date:

Utrecht, Gerard Wesselz. van Deventer (scribe), Master of The Hague, KB, 69 B 10 (illuminator); 1443


Vellum, ff. 248, 395x295 (275x195) mm, 56 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: contemporary brown leather; blind


4 column miniatures (82/145x90/98 mm) with border decoration, 1 pendrawn column miniature (100x90 mm) with border decoration, 28 historiated initials (45/50x50/55 mm) with border decoration; all border decoration in Utrecht style (large acanthus leaves and/or`thistles'); 1 illustration in the margin; decorated initials with border decoration in Utrecht style (large acanthus leaves; ff. 150v, 159r, 164r, 165v, 167v, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes in 2 different styles: Utrecht style (`little stars'; ff: 8r, 8v, 9r, 9v, 10r,etc.) and Utrecht style with `eastern' influences (ff. 119r, 119v, 120r, 120v, 121r)


Presented in 1676 by Ernest Ignatius Busch, parish priest of Aelten (Gelderland?), to Johannes Constantinus de Richeliis (Johan Constantijn van Rijckel), decanus Borchensis. Prince Karl of Prussia (stamped ex-libris); by descent to his son Friedrich Leopold of Prussia,his sale in 1931 at Ball & Graupe, Berlin (cat. 27-28 November, lot 406, pl. 27). Purchased in 1939 from antiquarian bookseller Hanns Wolff, The Hague


Opening leaves with column miniature and historiated initial missing before f. 41 (Gospels) and f. 128 (Acts)


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