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The Hague, KB, 66 B 13

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Valerius Maximus, Des faits et dits mémorables. Translation from the Latin by Simon de Hesdin and Nicholas de Gonesse

Place of origin, date:

Loire valley, Master of the Cité de Dieu of Mëcon, Master of the Psalter of Jean le Meingre III, Master of the Echevinage de Rouen (illuminators); c. 1470


Vellum, ff. 485, 390x285 (238x167) mm, 42 lines, littera cursiva, Binding: 18th-century brown leather; blind


1 full-page miniature (miniature + margin; 345x255 mm); 6 full-page miniatures (miniature + margin including some lines of text; 345/335x255/240 mm); 8 two-column miniature (220/140x170/165 mm); 7 column miniatures (83/47x74 mm); decorated initials throughout;coloured cadels (ff. 79v, 82v, 174v, 189r, 244r, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes throughout


purchased in 1814 in Paris by Tsar Alexander I of Russia and placed in the Imperial Library at St. Petersburg (shelfmark Fr.F.V.IV.2); sold abroad by the Russian government in the 1920s. Purchased by F. Mannheimer of Amsterdam (d. 1939); confiscated during World War IIby the German occupying forces and restituted after 1945; since 1953 on permanent loan from the Instituut Collectie Nederland (ICN), Amsterdam (formerly: Dienst voor 's-Rijks Verspreide Kunstvoorwerpen, The Hague, and Rijksdienst voor Beeldende Kunst, The Hague)


full-page miniature missing before f. 418 (Opening of Book 9)


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