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The Hague, KB, 135 E 18

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Book of Hours (incomplete)

Place of origin, date:

Delft; c. 1460-1480.


Vellum, ff. 128, 170x120 (100x63) mm, 22 lines, littera textualis, Binding: 18th-century mottled brown leather; gilt


7 historiated initials (50x52 mm) with pen-flourished borders in Delft style (`block'); 5 illustrations in the pen-flourished borders; penwork initials with pen-flourishes in Delft style (`block'; ff. 21v, 30v, 50r, 56r, 58v, etc.)


Six van Hillegom (bookplate; 20th cent.). Ulco Proost (bookplate); purchased in 1967 at his sale at J.L. Beyers, Utrecht (cat. 7-8 Nov., no. 1282)


No calendar. Opening leaves with historiated initials missing before f. 45 (Hours of the Virgin) and f. 72 (Hours of the Eternal Wisdom). Large parts of the Hours of the Eternal Wisdom, the Hours of the Cross and the Hours of the Holy Spirit missing


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