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The Hague, KB, 134 C 47

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Book of Hours and Prayer Book

Place of origin, date:

Southern Netherlands; c. 1490-1500. Added section (ff. 183-205) and miniatures: Southern Netherlands; c. 1500-1525


Vellum, ff. 195 (numbered: 1-190; 201-205), 162x110 (104x63) mm, 20 lines, I: littera textualis; II: littera hybrida, Binding: 18th-century red leather; gilt


5 full-page miniatures (111/107x65/61 mm) with border decoration; 27 miniatures (42/32x35/29 mm) with border decoration; 1 historiated initial (26x26 mm) with border decoration; decorated initials with border decoration (ff. 8r, 17r, 65r, 95r, 134r, etc.); all borderdecoration in Ghent-Bruges style (`strewn borders')
Added: 8 full-page miniatures (ff.: 26v, 36v, 41v, 45v, 48va, 59v, 183v, 201r; 115/106x68/63 mm) with border decoration in Ghent-Bruges style (`strewn borders'); decorated initials (ff. 184r, 186r, 190v, 202v, etc.)


Margrieten van Beeringen, wife of Adriaen van Heylwigen, rentmeester van Loenen (16th cent.). Purchased in 1956 as part of the collection of M.R. Radermacher Schorer


General calendar: feasts in red include St. Nichasius (14 December). Added miniature lost before fol. 53 (Hours of the Virgin: Vespers). Traces of pilgrims badges on ff. 1r, 6v, 181v


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