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The Hague, KB, 133 D 25

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Place of origin, date:

Paris; c. 1250-1300


Vellum, ff. 367, 183x138 (125x90) mm, 54 lines, littera textualis, Binding: 18th-century brown leather; blind and gilt


48 historiated initials (108/10x21/6 mm); decorated initials (ff. 58r, 112r, 133v, 145v, 149r, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes throughout


Acquired in 1897 as part of the collection of J.G.R. Acquoy


Three leaves, one or two probably containing illuminated initials, missing before f. 1 (Genesis); opening leaf with initial missing before f. 16 (Exodus), f. 103 (Kings 4), f. 329 (Epistle I of Paul to the Romans); historiated initials cut out on f. 27r (Leviticus),f. 59r (Josue), f. 75v (Kings 1), f. 93r (Kings 3), 121r (Paralipomenon 2), f. 141r (Esdras 2), f. 146r (Tobit), f. 157v (Job), f. 178r (Psalm 97), f. 185r (Parables), f. 191v (Ecclesiastes), f. 194r (Song of Songs), 195v (Wisdom), f. 213r (Isaiah), f. 227v (Jeremiah), f. 266v(Hosea), f. 268v (Joel), f. 271r (Abbadias), f. 271v (Jonas), f. 280r (Maccabees 1), f. 296r (Gospel of Matthew), f. 345r (Epistle of St. Paul to Titus), f. 349r (Acts), f. 360r (Epistle I of St. Peter), f. 361v (Epistle I of St. John the Evangelist), f. 363r(Apocalyps)


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