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The Hague, KB, 133 B 13

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Life of St. Barbara

Place of origin, date:

Den Bosch, Monastery Marienwater, Bridgettines/Bridgettinesses, Masters of Marienwater (illuminator); c. 1470


Vellum, ff. 208, 246x173 (158x98) mm, 22 lines, littera textualis, Binding: contemporary brown leather; blind


2 historiated initials (72x74 and 83x83 mm) with border decoration in Den Bosch style (`Goldrispen'; f. 90r and `French'; f. 98r); 5 illustrations in the margin; decorated initials with border decoration in Den Bosch style (`Goldrispen'; ff. 16r, 55r, 143r); penworkinitials with pen-flourishes in Den Bosch style (related to `rivers'; ff. 7r, 9v, 24r, 83v, 97v, etc.)


Bridgettines/Bridgettinesses of the Monastery Marienwater, Den Bosch. D.-C. and J.-J. Voorst; their sale in 1860 at F. Muller, Amsterdam (cat. 27 Jan., no. 218); sold in 1892 by F. Muller, Amsterdam (cat. no. 274). Purchased in 1896 from J.I. Boas Berg ofAmsterdam


Opening leaves containing a historiated initial and possibly a full-page miniature missing before f. 1; leaves, possibly with full-page miniatures missing before ff. 16, 90, 98##


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