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The Hague, KB, 133 A 7

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Jean de Wavrin, Les chroniques d'Angleterre (Vols. II, III, V)

Place of origin, date:

Flanders, Ghent Associates (illuminators); c. 1470-1480


Vellum, ff. 400+372+289 (3 vols.), 432x324 (275x205) mm, 38 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 18th-century century brown leather; gilt; with coat of arm of Stadholder William V


133 A 7 I (Vol. II): decorated initials with border decoration throughout; 133 A 7 II (Vol. III): 6 two-column miniatures (220/205x205 mm); decorated initials with border decoration (ff. 1r, 64r, 116r, 193r, 266r, etc.); 133 A 7 III (Vol. V): 6 two-column miniatures(205/195x220/215 mm); decorated initials with border decoration (ff. 1r, 65r, 105r, 151r, 197r, etc.)


probably acquired by the Counts of Nassau Engelbert II (d. 1504) or Henri III (d. 1538); by descent to the Princes of Orange-Nassau, the later Stadholders, at The Hague; sold in 1749 at the sale of the Orange-Nassau library at P. van Cleef & D. Monnier, The Hague (cat.1 Dec., p. 223 no. 112), where purchased by Johan A. Nuske; sold in 1757 at the Nuske sale at O. van Thol & N. van Daalen, The Hague (cat. 14 March, no. 487 in folio); purchased, probably at this sale, by Stadholder William V; carried off in 1795 to Paris by the French and restitutedto the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in 1816


133 A 7 I (Vol. II) lost all its miniatures. Vol. IV now: Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, Ms. W. 201


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