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The Hague, RMMW, 10 E 3

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Book of Hours (use of Rome)

Place of origin, date:

Southern Netherlands, Hanskin de Bomalia (scribe), Follower of Simon Bening and others (illuminators); c. 1500-1525


Vellum, ff. 224, 150x100 (81x52) mm, 16 lines, littera cursiva, Binding: 18th-century red morocco; gilt


2 miniatures (full-page + border; 115/112x77x71 mm); 14 full-page miniatures with border decoration (98/85x59/48 mm); 27 miniatures with border decoration (38/31x38/29 mm); 6 illustrations in the margin; decorated initials with border decoration in SouthernNetherlands style (`strewn border'; ff. 15r, 24r, 35r, 43r, 50r, etc.)


P.-A. Bolongaro-Crevenna (his sale cat. 1789, lot 345); purchased by W. Irhoven van Dam (his sale, 1803, lot 6); purchased by J. Meerman (d. 1815); purchased in 1824 at the Meerman sale (lot 548) by W.H.J. van Westreenen


Scribe signed on f. 223r. Miniature with coat of arms (f. 1r) added c. 1550-1600 and later overpainted. Southern Netherlandish calendar: feasts in red include St. Amand (February 6), St. Boniface (June 3), St. Basil (June 14), St. Eligius (June 25), St. Benedict (July11), St. Lawrence (August 10), St. Egidius (September 1), St. Denis (October 9), St. Donatianus (October 14), St. Nichasius (December 14)


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