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The Hague, RMMW, 10 C 3

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Military ordonnances of Charles the Bold

Place of origin, date:

Gent, Master of Cambridge 268 a.o. (illuminators); c. 1473-1476


Vellum, ff. 38, 302x220 (166x110) mm, 21 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 15th-century red velvet


1 historiated initial (#x# mm) with border decoration; decorated initials


Purchased in 1824 at the sale of Chardin at De Bure, Paris (cat. 9 Febr., no. 537) by Willem H.J. van Westreenen van Tiellandt (1783-1848) of The Hague; by legacy to the kingdom of the Netherlands in 1848


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