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The Hague, KB, 74 G 11

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Jean Lemaire de Belges, Genealogie de Madame Anne de la Tour, princesse de l'Ecosse

Place of origin, date:

France; c. 1518-1519


Vellum, ff. 68, 214x147 (155x85) mm, 34 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 17th-century brown leather; gilt; with coat of arms and monogram (ALPET) of Alexandre Petau and motto: Non est mortale quod opto


13 coloured drawings (unframed; 155/68x140/80 mm); 31 miniatures/coloured drawings (coats of arms; unframed); 1 coloured pendrawn initial with pendrawn border decoration (f. 2r); pendrawn initials (ff. 2v, 3r, 4r, 5v, 6r, etc.)


made for Anne de la Tour (d. 1524), countess of Auvergne and Boulogne, eldest daughter and heiress of Jehan III, count of Auvergne and her husband (and cousin) John (Jehan) Stewart (Stuart), Duke of Albany, regent of Scotland (1481-1536), son of Alexander Stewart, Dukeof Albany (d. 1485) and Anne de la Tour d'Auvergne (d. 1487). Paul Petau (d. 1614; inscription, his no. E 55); by descent to his son Alexandre Petau (d. 1672), his sale in 1722 at De Hondt, The Hague (cat. 23 Febr. 1722, lot 85). Purchased in 1909 as part of the collection ofbookbindings of Anton W.M. Mensing (1866-1936) of Amsterdam (no. 2)


F. 2r and 28r: "Vivite felicex/felices. I.A." with a love-knot (= Jehan and Anne)


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