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The Hague, RMMW, 10 C 8

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Statutes and ordonnances of the Order of St. Michael

Place of origin, date:

Paris, Etienne Collault (illuminator); c. 1520


Vellum, ff. 41, 258x168 (198x112) mm, 30 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 17th-century brown leather; gilt; with coat of arms and monogram (ALPET) of Alexandre Petau and motto: Non est mortale quod opto


1 full-page miniature (170x140 mm); decorated initials throughout
Added (17th century): page with coats of arms


Alexandre Petau (1610-1672). J.Th. Royer (d. 1807) of The Hague (signature with motto: Constanter); his sale in 1816 at B. Scheurleer & A. Bakhuyzen in The Hague (cat. 1-6 Apr., no. Fol. 366), where purchased by Willem H.J. van Westreenen van Tiellandt (1783-1848) ofThe Hague; by legacy to the kingdom of The Netherlands


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