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The Hague, KB, 76 G 14

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Book of Hours (use of Rome)

Place of origin, date:

Savoy, follower of the Master of the Prince of Piā€šmont (illuminator); c. 1465-1470


Vellum, ff. 161, 189x145 (105x72) mm, 15 lines, littera textualis, Binding: 20th-century red velvet (1969)


12 large miniatures (102/87x74/71 mm); 12 miniatures (67/49x70/45 mm); 35 illustrations in the margin (24 in calendar); decorated initials with border decoration throughout


purchased in 1816 at the sale of the collection of J.Th. Royer of The Hague (d. 1807) at B. Scheurleer & A. Bakhuyzen, The Hague (cat. 1-6 Apr., p. 34, lot 76)


general calendar: feasts in gold include St. Francis (4 October), St. Denis (9 October). ##Similar decoration in: Princeton, UL, Garrett 54


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