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The Hague, KB, 76 F 1

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Gospels (`Egmond Gospels')

Place of origin, date:

Text: Rheims; c. 850-875. Illumination: Northern France, Franco-Saxon school; c. 900. Added dedication miniatures: Ghent; c. 975


Vellum, ff. 218, 232x207 (156x126) mm, 20 lines, carolingian minuscle, Binding: 20th-century binding made by L. Gimbrere (199#)


10 miniatures, 12 pages with canon tables, 8 decorated pages


Presented c. 975 by Dirk II, Count of Holland, and his wife Hildegard to Egmond Abbey; still mentioned in the inventory of 1571; transferred to Haarlem, and afterwards to Cologne and in the 17th century to Utrecht; purchased in 1830 from the Oud-BisschoppelijkeClerezij, Utrecht


2 dedication miniatures were added c. 975 to commemorate the donation of the book by Dirk II. The binding covered with gold and precious stones, which Dirk II had made also, was lost between 1571-1574 and replaced with a leather binding from 1574. This binding wasremoved in the KB after 1830; rebound in 1949 and 199#


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