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The Hague, KB, 74 G 30

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Book of Hours

Place of origin, date:

South Holland; 1489. Added: 1 miniature: South Holland; c. 1500


Vellum, ff. 165, 130x88 (62x42) mm, 17 lines, littera hybrida, Binding: 16th-/17th-century black leather; blind


Decorated initials with border decoration in South Holland style (`anecdotical monkeys'; ff. 19r, 68r, 81r, 106r, 143r, etc.); penwork initials with pen-flourishes in South Holland style (`aubergine'; ff. 7r, 50v, 92v, 141v, 155v, etc. )
Added: 1 miniature (size: full-page + margin, unframed; 130x87 mm)


Families Van Schoten and Van Egmond (c. 1570-1620). Purchased in 1807 as part of the collection of Joost Romswinckel (1745-1824) of Leiden by King Louis Napoleon of The Netherlands and placed in the KB


Utrecht calendar: besides the usual Utrecht entries feasts in black include St. Jeroen, patron saint of Noordwijk (August 17, underlined in red)


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