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The Hague, KB, 128 C 1

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Vincent of Beauvais, Le Miroir Historial (Vol. II, III, IV). Translation from the Latin by Jean de Vignay

Place of origin, date:

Bruges, Master of Edward IV, Master of the Trivial Heads, a.o. (illuminators); c. 1475-1500


Vellum, ff. 451+468+470 (3 vols.), 428x357 (290x220) mm, 42 lines, littera hybrida (lettre bourguignonne), Binding: 18th-century brown leather; gilt; with coat of arms of Stadholder William V


128 C 1 I (vol. II): 6 column miniatures (132/113x95/88 mm); decorated initials with border decoration; 128 C 1 II (vol. III): 7 column miniatures (125/102x95/87 mm); decorated initials with border decoration; 128 C 1 III (vol. IV): 6 column miniatures (128/118x99/89mm); decorated initials with border decoration


acquired before 1492 by Philip of Cleves (d. 1528; imprint of coat of arms with label on Vol. II, f. 3r; signature); purchased in 1531 from his estate by Henri III, Count of Nassau (d. 1538); by descent to the princes of Orange-Nassau, the later Stadholders, at TheHague; carried off in 1795 to Paris by the French and restituted to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in 1816


Opening-pages, probably containing two-column miniatures, missing in all three volumes (I: before f. 3; II: before fol. 3; III: before f. 3). 1 column miniature cut from I, f. 289 (beginning of Book 15)


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